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Heyo RTF Europe!

This is a reminder that the European assembly is happening this February 20-25th in the Southwest of France. It should be a great opportunity to catch up and discuss what is happening with the network, meet new people and see old friends.

Check out the full invitation and deadly poster on this link:

Please register as soon as possible, so that we can plan better, at the following link:

This is also a call-out for people to come and help prepare the space as soon as possible. This year most of the gathering will happen in a big barn that the residents and friends of Rocalet are working hard to make warm and comfortable.

In order to heat it, we’re putting windows and doors in, finishing mortaring the walls and insulating the roof. There will be a collective work week from 22nd to 28th January to to build a stove or a rocket mass heater.

Skilled and un-skilled help is urgently needed. Carpenters, masons, stove-builders are invited as are those who just have a pair of hands they can lend. Funds are available to pay for travel costs.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic new year and can’t wait to see you all.

Some of the carrots

P.s. We are also encouraging people to come to the gathering from less frequently represented countries and we will help you pay for travel costs =)